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The company Maszyny2002 is a co-producer and sole European representative of Chinese leading nonwoven machinery producer - Shanghai SAIL Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd.

Years of cooperation and both sides' experience in designing, constructing and machines / technology counseling along with firsthand knowledge of European textile market requirements has resulted in our joint innovative project, much exceeding the standards of a typical market offer of machines sale. Our goal is to provide each client the best technological solution that meets hopes / expectations related to the decision of machines purchase - with high product quality and attractive low prices.

We provide an expert advice and comprehensive service of your order: ideology - concept / consultations / manufacturing / delivery / installation / commissioning / personnel training / all kind of possible service.

We are open to individual / own clients' suggestions related to particular machine's construction, or developing an unique technology of the new product. We provide the precious opportunity of detailed discussion among the experts on each topic related to the specific machine's construction or manufacturing of a new / desired product - to achieve an optimal solution satisfying both, our clients - and us. We also provide an unusual opportunity to check / test the ordered machines in our factory - before the delivery / shipment.

Each new challenge raises our personal qualifications, however, at the same time confirms our belief that in technology of nonwovens' production the last word will never be uttered. With creative inspirations and the emerging needs of our contemporary market every year there appear new kinds of nonwovens, produced by new technologies for new purposes.

Create with us the new category of nonwoven's future...